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Fidelity Home Dialysis Opens New Clinic in Marietta, Georgia

Will I have to change Nephrologists?
We understand the importance of good working relationship between patient and Nephrologist. Therefore, we credential Nephrologists with FHD so that you can maintain existing relationships. Furthermore, if you need to be referred to a Nephrologist we will assist you with this process.
Will I need to come into the clinic to receive my medications and have labs drawn?
FHD, provides total home care, that means medications and supplies are sent to your home, along with labs being shipped from your residence.
What about my machine, who will take care of it?
The machine and all equipment are maintained by FHD certified biomedical technicians in the convenience of your home.
Will the social worker and dietitian be able to assist me like in the clinic?
The social worker and renal dietitian will schedule monthly appointments to assist with your needs.
Do I perform my own treatment?
No, with Staff Assisted, a licensed nurse with at least 18 months of experience administers your dialysis.